About Me

Thank you for visiting my website. This website serves as an outlet for me to showcase my talent, skills, and experience. I had the opportunity to work for a variety of organizations and industries. All of my experiences molded me to be the professional I am today. I currently work for the USAF Headquarters AFPC in the Office of Strategic Marketing, Integrated Marketing and Branding Branches as a Visual Information Specialist. I manage all content and design for all digital mediums. I am one of the few Americans that can say I truly enjoy my job. I love marketing, and I enjoy creating. There are few professions that tie in analytics, strategies, colors, fonts and themes all in days of work.

The Marketing Technologist.

Quoted from an interview from www.thedrum.com, founder, and CEO of 7thingsmedia stated,” The role of the marketer is changing and becoming ever more technology oriented. The rise of collaborations between marketing, media, and technology has been pivotal in the current success of the channel and will be the main driver in realizing the digital potential (2013, thedrum.com).”

It’s no mystery that the world of marketing has changed dramatically. The roles of a marketing professional require a vast understanding of technology. The business needs of an organization require the marketer to be versed in the best marketing practices as well as trends in the use of technology.

The role of a Visual Information Specialist consists of more than relying on graphic design skills to get through the workday. The Visual Information Specialist is knowledgeable of the technological resources that are available to the organization. The Visual Information Specialist has to identify the key components of design, business objectives, and resources to develop a visual display of content.

I have an education in business and technology. I have a Master’s in Information Technology and a Master’s in Business Administration. I also have a Bachelor’s in Business Management and an Associates Degree in Computer Science. My professional background consists of over 15 years of marketing experience in the entertainment industry and real estate. I also have a combined experience of 5 years providing marketing support for small business owners in Solano County.

I understand marketing and the need for technology. I am the professional the industry needs because of my experience, education, and passion for marketing. I invested thousands of dollars into my education to support my working experience. I have had the opportunity to lead teams to business success while improving the morale of my subordinates and counterparts.



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