10 Jan

Strengthen Your Personal Branding By Building Your Reputation

If you want to strengthen your personal brand, you need to begin by focusing on your reputation.  I have had the honor of mentoring quite a few inspiring marketing professionals, and it doesn’t surprise me that they want, to begin with, their logo and building the marketing assets.   Personally, I believe that is the wrong approach.  I started working on my personal brand by the network I began to establish.  Through time, my reputation for being creative, flexible and educating started defining Kevin Iriarte to potential customers.

If you want to start a professional version of yourself, you begin with your reputation.  The logo doesn’t define you, the marketing won’t create you, it’s the word of mouth from your customers that cement you.  Honestly, I never advertise myself as a marketing consultant. I have business cards but that’s only for the exchange of information.  I never made flyers, ads, nor did I make a logo for Kevin Iriarte. I began with the conversation and delivering a product that the customer was proud of.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

– Jeff Bezos

28 May

You lead I follow

If you lead I will follow.  I can’t even fathom to explain how this graphic is a true testament of how I feel.  I’m tired of the so-called bosses that feel that they are leaders.  It’s something I learned when I was helping with raising 12 kids all at once. If you want the kids to listen to you, the only way to get them to follow you is to lead them.  SET THE EXAMPLE.  Greatness if followed by greatness if you nuture it right. I have had the opportunities to work with some great leaders. I mean amazng leaders.  I would follow them anywhere.  I learned that I wanted to be the best becuase I was following the best.  That’s it.  You don’t have to be stern, forceful, just nuture my hunger for growth by simply being the best example.  Lead I will follow, tell me what to do constantly and I shut down.  I’m ok with being number 2 or 3 if it’s contrasted to 1 billion others.  


07 Oct

Nice Guy Life: The Non-Thug with a Nice Personality

A remix of 2Pac's  Thug Life tattoo

A remix of 2Pac’s Thug Life tattoo

They say that nice guys finishes last.  

What a true statement.  Even though in my high school life I tried to be a so-called thug, I couldn’t achieve ultimate bad boy status.  It wasn’t in me.  I generally turned back to what was natural for me, being nice.  However I had my moments in the sun to be the mean dude, but that didn’t last long.  I didn’t like it. I don’t know how men can do it.

How can men cheat on their woman and still keep the love of their life? 

My cousins were the handsome, tall and fit good looking males.  They could walk into the room and have any girl drop their jaws.  They were handsome, attractive men.  They would date one girl and date another simultaneously.  If a girl would find out they were being cheated on they would cry and then try to work it out.  Why?  Maybe because my cousins were drop dead gorgeous in their eyes. Maybe because they were treated wrong so that fed into a mentality of maybe they can change the man.  See, I was the guy that you go to if you wanted to talk about your man problems.   I had that all my life. I’m not complaining that’s just how it was.  I’m the best friend, the good guy, the safe bet.

I’m a good guy but not bad enough to be with.  

Sure I hear that all the time, “Kevin you’re a great guy she’ll come along.”  Right.  I’m not bitter I just wonder why this overly sensitive male can’t hold on to a woman.  When I get cheated on the woman will say, “You’re just too good for me.”  Like that makes it justifiable.  Am I overly nice?  I’m not romantic.  I know that for sure.  Is being a non-romantic qualify me as a bad boy?  haha.  I seriously doubt it.

I’m ok with being last.

I’m not concerned with bashing tall, dark and handsome bad boys.  I’m just curious of why I’m last?  Maybe because she is coming along.  Maybe it’s because my calling in life is to be there for those that really need some uplifting.  I’ve been last all my life.  Last to finish the 1 mile run, last in line, and the last one to get a girl.  I mean the best things come to those who wait, right?

That’s right. I’ll wait. I’m patient.  So what if I missed out on having a high school sweetheart.  Who cares.  I didn’t go to prom, I worked the night of prom.  I had other responsibilities in high school besides trying to be a  popular guy.  I had to dedicate my senior year to helping my grandfather.  He was my life at the time.  I also had a job.  I worked from 6pm-11pm almost every night.  I even had night school. I was making up for a horrible freshman year.  So see,  I was busy.  I finished last because I put others first. I always do.  It’s in my nature. I wanted that crazy life of being in my twenties.  However I didn’t.  I stopped at 23 to help my parents with 12 kids.   I used to be bitter.  That’s because I didn’t realize what I had done.  It’s not everyday you ask a 23 year old to stop his life to care for others.  I mean why not.  It’s not a matter of why me, it’s a matter of who else but me?

Make me last.  It’s ok.  I am confident about myself and I refuse to be the thug that a woman wants. I am working on being the person God called me to be.  For the most part, a nice guy.

06 Oct

Thinking of myself as a brand is the hardest thing to do


I never turn down help when it comes to building. I love building. This is my me and my father working on a dresser for my friend. Without his help I wouldn’t be able to get it built. That’s marketing. You can’t do it all yourself. You need to rely on the professions of others.

I enjoy being a brand specialist.  I love helping business owners figure out the voice for their brand.  However thinking of myself as a brand is the hardest thing to do.

I have helped a variety of companies build their brand.  It’s difficult to to focus in on a brand because we see ourselves and not what the customer views us as.  When I started HeavyVegan I knew that I had to stay true to my brand.  HeavyVegan is my powerlifting vegan lifestyle blog.  I started a vegan journey in February and started to blog about it on this website, Kevin7.com.  When I decided that my voice of Kevin7 was diminishing due to the popularity of the vegan journey I had to make a change.

Now that I have HeavyVegan I’m still having a problem narrowing my voice.  It’s not that I don’t know what the blog is about.  I have a hard time talking about myself.  I get embarrassed when it comes to talking about myself.  I like to let my work speak for itself.  However, in the blog world you can’t be silent. If I want recognition for what I do and I know I need to be more vocal.

Blogging about myself is hard to do.  It’s not a vain a thing but an expression.  It’s diffuclt for me to remember that. I like to express myself and I did that in the past with music.  I hid behind the mixing board.  I was able to hide in the studio and let the recording artist be themselves.  I’m great a developing a brand but I’m horrible doing it for myself.

I suppose that’s why I love social media. I’m able to express myself enough to hide behind the computer.  Being a social media brand specialist I am great at expressing any companies voice.  I’m just not good at doing it for myself. I get shy regardless of hiding behind my computer. Lately I have been building up courage to be more outgoing.  I need to be fearless but careful.  Fearless that if I want success I can’t hold myself back.  Careful that I do it in a way that I don’t use anyone’s misfortune for my progress.

Some know me as confident and positive but that’s what I like to share with others.  I do that because I need it for myself.  I constantly tell myself that I can do it even though doubt always kicks in.  I’m not where I want to be because of circumstances. I’m not where I want to be because of me.  I need to be free about who I am and not conform of what others want me to be.  If I be myself then I know I will successful.  I just need to remember that.