04 Mar

Ronn Greer: Possibly Noble

Ronn Greer is a good friend and co-worker.  He was one of the first people I met when I started at my new job in San Antonio Texas.  I got a chance to sit down with him and he went over his job responsibilities to me.   Needless to say I was overly impressed and intimidated with his experience in technology.  I don’t get intimidated easily when it comes to technology so I can honestly say I was like uh-oh, I better get my learning on. haha. Anyways, Ronn shared with me months later about his art and craft work.   His desire to stray away from design on the computer intrigued me.  His thought process was that, if electricity were to no longer be a resource, how could any of his work be shared?  If all he did was design on the computer then his life’s work would be lost.  Matter of fact, he was a contributing factor to my desire to return back to drawing.

Let’s talk about his art.




I love this painting.  Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors.  I remember his comedic acting in films and sitcoms.  My favorite show that Tom Hanks was in was Bosom Buddies.

After Tom Hanks comedic stint, he ventured into more serious  and dramatic roles, with one movie I hold dear to my heart is, “Saving Private Ryan.”

What Ronn did in this painting just blew my mind.  Even though this is Ronn’s interpretation of Tom Hanks reaction in Joe versus the Volcano I find this to be a defining moment in Tom Hanks career.  This painting captures both personalities of Tom Hanks that  I am familiar with.  The serious actor and the comedic personality.

I’m excited about Ronn having a chance to showcase his talents and work at the H.E.B Central Market on March 7th, in San Antonio.  Now for those that cannot make it to the gallery, don’t fret.  Ronn has set up an online store and gallery.  Now you can view his work and even purchase some of his creations for yourself.

Ronn has done a series called: Possibly Noble, a study of the antihero in cinema.  Let me tell you it’s worth the time to look into.  I would love to tell you more about it, but honestly it’s better to hear it from him.  So check out Ronn Greer and his art.  www.RonnGreer.com