10 Jan

Strengthen Your Personal Branding By Building Your Reputation

If you want to strengthen your personal brand, you need to begin by focusing on your reputation.  I have had the honor of mentoring quite a few inspiring marketing professionals, and it doesn’t surprise me that they want, to begin with, their logo and building the marketing assets.   Personally, I believe that is the wrong approach.  I started working on my personal brand by the network I began to establish.  Through time, my reputation for being creative, flexible and educating started defining Kevin Iriarte to potential customers.

If you want to start a professional version of yourself, you begin with your reputation.  The logo doesn’t define you, the marketing won’t create you, it’s the word of mouth from your customers that cement you.  Honestly, I never advertise myself as a marketing consultant. I have business cards but that’s only for the exchange of information.  I never made flyers, ads, nor did I make a logo for Kevin Iriarte. I began with the conversation and delivering a product that the customer was proud of.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

– Jeff Bezos