28 May

You lead I follow

If you lead I will follow.  I can’t even fathom to explain how this graphic is a true testament of how I feel.  I’m tired of the so-called bosses that feel that they are leaders.  It’s something I learned when I was helping with raising 12 kids all at once. If you want the kids to listen to you, the only way to get them to follow you is to lead them.  SET THE EXAMPLE.  Greatness if followed by greatness if you nuture it right. I have had the opportunities to work with some great leaders. I mean amazng leaders.  I would follow them anywhere.  I learned that I wanted to be the best becuase I was following the best.  That’s it.  You don’t have to be stern, forceful, just nuture my hunger for growth by simply being the best example.  Lead I will follow, tell me what to do constantly and I shut down.  I’m ok with being number 2 or 3 if it’s contrasted to 1 billion others.