17 Dec

What is the purpose of marketing?

How can we be effective with marketing?  What is the purpose?  I can’t tell you how many businesses think they have a grasp on the idea of marketing.  It’s not about just promoting a product or service.  It’s bringing the public into a brand.  It’s giving them an experience.  Everyone sells mp3 players, lawn care,  affordable car loans, insurance, and the best burger.  What makes your product or service different from everyone else?  Your brand.  The purpose of marketing is to bring people to something.  They are looking to be relevant in your brand. They want to feel that they make a difference.  They want your services or products to enhance their life by giving complete satisfaction.  Don’t think about offers.  Discounting your product and services can actually devalue your brand.  In fact, do the opposite don’t be quick to discount but stick to your prices and give the customer something they never experienced before.  Get in tune with that they want and need.  Listen.  Learn.  Provide.