26 Sep

Create your future

Create-your-Future_KevinIriarte“The best way to predict your future is to create it”
Peter F. Drucker

I’m not the most gifted, talented, nor am I the best at anything.  However my inabilities are my strengths.  I have the passion.  Growing up I heard the word no a lot.  It was because the future is so unpredictable it’s safer to go with easier results.  It’s a fear of not knowing than it is knowing.

When I wanted to sing in a group and perform I was told many times that I sucked. I wasn’t good at singing.  Matter of fact, I went and performed in front of my high school with my group and we got booed off the stage.  Sure I wanted to give up, that’s natural. However my love for music was stronger than what was actually happening around me.  I went back to that same high school, sang again and this time we got applause.  That is just one short story of my many obstacles that I was able to overcome.

When you want something you have to work for it.  You can’t will it to happen.  You have to make your dreams a reality.  If you want to make sure that what you envision comes to pass, then you have to put manual effort into materializing a prophecy.  No need for a psychic.  Your future isn’t going to happen if you don’t move towards it.   Focus, work hard, and above all else, love what you are doing.  Success is inevitable.

23 Sep

Are Consumers People?


“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.” – Jonah Sachs

When I do marketing for businesses I get frustrated on the type of marketing that they want to do.  It’s easy as an organization to forget that your marketing to human beings and not droids that react to just trigger words.  Keywords are important to your entry way to a certain circle of consumers but it’s your relevance that keeps you in the circle.

I understand the need for immediate exposure and audience acceptance.  That is definitely part of the battle.  However the bills are paid with consistency.  Loyal customers will support you.  Irritated customers will also fire you.

The consumer’s behavior changes and your marketing has to be just as flexible.  I’m not stating that you have to continually change your message.  I’m stating that you have to carry the conversation and learn when to stop talking.  Let the consumer speak as well.  This is why I love social media.  It’s a conversation.  I’m able to teach, share, and learn.  I can find out what the consumer enjoys and what they dislike.  I’m not always spot on but it helps me understand what the consumer responds to.

Just know that when you are creating a marketing campaign speak to the consumer not at them.


20 Sep

Three Tips on Branding Your Business

Design by Kevin Iriarte

Design by Kevin Iriarte

When I consult clients i share with them the importance of focusing on subject matters that are relevant to their brand.   It’s easy to fall in the trap that everything needs to be shared on every distribution channel.   That is the beginning to the decline of your audiences engagement.

I went online and picked three ways to help with creating your message to your audience.

1.  Be Specific, Distinctive and Relevant
Seize every opportunity to point out why your service is a better fit for your niche marketplace than competitive offerings (2009, August 3).

Discounts are one thing, distinction is another.   Adding value to your message isn’t just offering savings or urgency.  It’s a matter of creating content that is relevant to your audience.  Imagine walking into a library.  It’s quiet and everyone is doing their own thing.  Now announce in a mild voice what an active lifestyle can do to improve your life.  What do you think the response of everyone in the library would be?  Positive?  I’d like to think that everyone would be turned off by your interrupting message.

Just take your time when making your message count.  Consider your audience and respect their space.  Invite them in but don’t direct them.  If you’re brand is about an active lifestyle, then target that audience.  Even though an active lifestyle is good for everyone, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to participate in one.

2.  Keep things consistent
If you have been producing great content for a few months and then stop or dramatically slow down, it won’t be long before those users go elsewhere to find what they need/want (2013, September 25).

I can’t emphasize on the importance of consistency enough.  It’s key to letting your audience know that you have a grasp on things.  Sure you can be a small business but seeing posts from 34 weeks ago doesn’t send a message to your followers that you have it together.  Operations of your business is important, so don’t indulge in marketing practices that can overwhelm you.  If you are going to post to social media once a week, that’s fine just make it once a week around the same time.  If you’re going to blog once a month, make it once a month.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.

3.  Passion
Consumers often become just as enthusiastic about a product or service, leading to word of mouth advertising and referrals (2013, November 12).

If you love what you do then others will see that.  They will share your enthusiasm and in turn become a dedicated follower.  People like to share in the success of brands.  They have a sense of ownership that they had part in a brand’s success.

In Conclusion  

The importance of branding comes from your own understanding of your brand.  What does it mean to you and make sure you share it.  Don’t over complicate it.  You have to understand that even though in general we are all brand loyalists, that doesn’t mean one brand consumes our entire life.  It’s about being a part of someone’s life.

Take the time to know what you what to communicate and who you want to talk too. Be consistent, and be passionate about it.



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16 Sep



I started my new website.  Heavyvegan.com   I’ll be blogging about being a powerlifting vegan.  I’ll be sharing my successes and failures along with some tips, tricks, and honey dips.  I kicked off the website with a new, short journey the master cleanse.  If you know anything about the master cleanse you will know it’s no joke.  It’s going to be my toughest mental challenge yet.  My website isn’t done but I was tired of over critiquing my site and decided to get the content started.  Plus I was losing daylight on not blogging daily.  Next is to get my smilefeelgood.com site going.  It’s already up and has content but I need to change the design and update it regularly as well.  Then I have to work on itsheavykev.com.  Busy, busy, busy!  Whew!