09 Jul

Taking a Break

Today I decided I can’t focus on powerlifting, new job, traveling, and everything else that comes from a big change in life.  So for now I’m shutting down this journey and going to focus on my new adventure. Until I get there I will be sharing my daily thoughts.  So thank you for following me on this powerlifting vegan journey and get ready for the reboot once I hit Washington State.

07 Jul

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 16: This isn’t working out

I have had a rough start in this powerlifting weight-loss journey.   I’m not getting any strength gains, I’m not eating fully vegan, and I haven’t been blogging everyday.  Since accepting my job offer I have been having to deal with the move from San Antonio to Seattle. Then last week I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I had to stop working out and eating fresh vegetables because of the procedure.

I’m not giving up but for the next 30 days will be rough and this will turn out to be retaining my gains from the last 150 days of my vegan journey.  Good news is I weight in below 270lbs consistently for 7 days.  That’s a great thing.  Now it’s about just getting my strength levels back and eating more raw foods.  I’m planning to do a 3 day cleanse during my drive to Washington.  I leave on Saturday and I will cleanse that morning.  Not sure if I’ll be able to get 3 days in but it will be something.  Here’s to a new life.  I’ll try and blog everyday even if it’s short.

Photo Credit: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs5/i/2004/353/5/a/This_isn__t_gonna_work_out_by_thebog.jpg

Photo Credit: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs5/i/2004/353/5/a/This_isn__t_gonna_work_out_by_thebog.jpg


05 Jul

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 13: Fourth of July

Still couldn’t eat much today.  I had some pudding (non-vegan) and fries from Burger King.  Now my stitches are coming out which I suppose is a good thing.  I’m still packing and getting things ready for my move to Washington.  Looking forward to being there, not looking forward to the drive.  Today is another short entry because well, it’s the Fourth of July!  Happy Independence Day everyone! hulk

03 Jul

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 14: All My Wisdom

I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday.  I was so nervous on Monday that I didn’t even attempt to make write on the blog.  So again I’m a few days behind. I’m feeling ok right now but I sure would like to eat something.  Today I just want to rest and recover from the procedure.  I feel like I’m recovering from a bad fight where I won but I really lost. haha