30 Jun

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 11: Vegan Staycation

I missed 2 days of blogging about my day.  I was on a vegan staycation.  I enjoyed the local foods and sites of San Antonio.  I accepted a job offer in Washington to work for the USO so my friend took me around all the wonderful sites San Antonio had to offer.  I never went sight seeing when I moved to San Antonio back in October 2012.  I just never had the motivation to do so.   Anyways, after I worked out on Friday I was on a Statycation ever since.

I ate corn con chile, without the mayo.  I had french fries and fried jalapenos.  I enjoyed some fresh watermelon and cantaloupe juice.  It was delicious.  I also had a beer.  Not sure how vegan that was but it was definitely vegetarian.

I needed this vegan staycation.  I needed inspiration to live out my adventures.  Not to be scared of my decisions and embrace them. I need to learn that I control the fate of my destiny.  There is success in my future and doubt will be my failure.  I need to believe in my decisions regardless of the unknowns.  I need to make the unknowns, known by working hard, being adaptable, and being creative.  God knows my direction I just need to follow through.

Photo Credit: http://s3.media.squarespace.com/

Photo Credit: http://s3.media.squarespace.com/

27 Jun

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 8: Change is Good

So today I woke up dizzy and called in sick to work.  I have been worrying myself sick over the life change I’m about to experience.  Nothing is final until I actually get there but I should be moving from Texas soon.  I am entertaining an offer from a future employer in Seattle Washington and I’m about to accept.  Tomorrow I should sign the acceptance letter and wait for further instruction.  Ontop of that I have been stressing over my kid’s life situations they are in.  I just have a lot on my mind.  I have to tackle one issue at a time.

That’s how I have been handling the last few years of my life.  I have had a series of circumstances happen and they all piled up on me as soon as I got to Texas.  Medically, financially and emotionally life hit me with a right hook.  I have been inspired by a lot of people to look at things in another light.  I have always been a positive person, but I have had my days like anyone else.  The past year and a half have been challenging.  The vegan lifestyle has been one of the best things to derive out of my trials.  I feel great, I’m still maintaining my strength if not getting stronger in my lifting, and my confidence is boosting back.  I can always get better and that’s what the next 150 days are supposed to be about.  The experiment is over, I am vegan.  Now is being a vegan powerlifter.  I plan to specialize in the bench press but with doctor’s clearance I hope to squat and deadlift too.

Today I ate bananas, drank distilled water, and had a few burnt pretzels.  I snacked on some seaweed.  For dinner I had a kale cranberry pepita salad along with stir fry vegetables and tofu with no noodles.  I had a ginger peach tea no sugar.  I had a trying day and tomorrow the main challenge of lifting weights, moving from a state to another state and maintain my strength and weight loss.


26 Jun

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 7: Skipped to Lift

I was so tired yesterday I didn’t even blog.  I was exhausted. I kept falling asleep when I got home.  Today I had to make up the lost day and lift.  I have been stressing out due to having to make one of the biggest decisions of my life.  I have a job offer with the USO in Washington State and I’m not good with change. I love Washington but it’s the change that’s making me scared.  I hate how I fear change.  I live in a hotel and I’m away from my family and I can’t believe I’m contemplating to stay in San Antonio because I’m scared of change.

Anyways, I skipped a gym session and here I am to provide my food summary and stats from my day.

I ate more of the Bolthouse Farms Green Juice and I had fresh fruit for breakfast (pineapple, cantaloupe, and orange slices).  I had a diced cucumber salad and broccoli macaroni salad for lunch.  I had an order of fries before my gym session and for dinner I had watermelon and Spanish Cocktail nuts.

Workout:  Chest Day

TRX Warmup
Torso Twist, High Pulls, Standing Rear Flyes: 10x10x10

Bench Press, Flat
315lbs w/Blue Slingshot x 2
365lbs w/Red Slingshot x 1
405lbs w/Black Slingshot x 1
365lbs w/Black SLingshot x 3
315lbs w/Black SLingshot x 12
225lbs x 20

Incline Bench (Speed Press with 1 min intervals)
105lbs x3x3x3x3x3

Seated Pec Dec Flyes

I had some shoulder strain issues and bicep strain as well.  So I had to take it easier.  Also I’m still extremely exhausted .

24 Jun

Vegan Powerlifting Weight-loss Day 5: Keen Observation


Today I made a keen observation.   I binged all weekend on bad vegan foods.  I even had some fried vegan foods today.  However after I went to the gym  I desired nothing but raw foods.  I drank about 24 ounces of distilled water and ate broccoli and carrots with garlic hummus.  I’m wondering that even on my rest days I’ll participate in some type of activity to get my heart going so that I desire raw food more.

I ate some fresh fruit (pineapples and orange slices) with two servings of fried potato pieces (fried with soy bean oil) for breakfast at the cafeteria.  For lunch I had some salad with Italian dressing and a serving of fries.   Before my workout I had a protein bar which I’m sure it wasn’t vegan.  It was  a Quest Bar.  I had to eat something, again I wasn’t prepared for this week and my blood sugar was getting low. I had to eat something.  Then I had some no-xploe for a preworkout boost.  For dinner I ate some broccoli  carrots, humus, miso soup with seaweed, vegan soy dried pieces, and watermelon.

Workout : Shoulder and Arms

TRX Warm up.
Should High Pulls and Standing Shoulder Rotater Flyes 12×12 reps

Seated Smith Machine Shoulder Presses (half reps):  I don’t know what the weight of the bar is so this is not including the bar. In fact I don’t think we count the weight of the bar because, it don’t feel like there is any weight

Standing Military Presses (speed reps with exactly 1 min rest between sets):

Seated Military Press(Full Reps) For range of motion

Seated High Pulls with rope

Close Grip Flat Bench:  135lbsx25 185lbsx15 225lbsx15
Hammer Curls with Fat grip: 35lbsx10x10x10

Dip machine Pressdowns with 10lb medicine ball: 160lbsx15x20x25
Revere Curls with Fat Grips: 40lbsx15x20x25

Medicine Ball Slam: 12lbsx10x10x10x10x10x10

NOTE: Still wearing both fracture boots during workout.

I forgot to weigh-in today: Crap! haha