28 Feb

Day Forty-Six: The 80/20 Adjustment

Today was a hard day to meet nutritional requirements provided from my trainer.  I was under in calories and protein.  I was almost on the money with my carbohydrates and fats.  So I had to take a protein supplement to give me a boost in protein.  However, it’s not enough. I bought some organic products to help me boost my protein intake.  It’s vegetarian not vegan.  I can honestly eat more lentils, legumes, and beans but I did that today.  Let me just say the results weren’t pretty.  lol  So for the next week I’m going to do an 80/20 mix of vegan and vegetarian meals.  The 80 is vegan and the 20 will be vegetarian.   I’ll see how my body adjusts to this.

27 Feb

Day Forty-Five: Peace in Chaos

I had an amazing day.  It didn’t go the way I planned at all.  I love it.  I’m a creature of habit.  I l see my week ahead and plan accordingly.  However, many of my successes come from life’s curve balls.  For once in my career at marketing headquarters, I felt like I was in marketing.  I was being pulled in different directions, I had system failure after system failure, and my work load increased.

I’ve been marketing  since I was 17 and didn’t  know it. My best ideas, my most memorable moments came out of the most chaotic moments of my life.  It’s where I wake up at 6 am and stop working at 2 am.  It’s when I have my foot to the pedal and forget that there was a moment I forget to breathe. For me marketing is giving peace to the chaos.

The only bad thing about today was I skipped a meal.  Not good.  However, my trainer text me throughout the day to check on me and it helped keep me on track.  Matter of fact, he gave me some nutritional guidelines to meet.

Nutritional Guidelines:
Daily Calories 2900
Carbohydrates 300 grams
Protein 200 grams
Fat 80 grams

That’s going to be a challenge.  I mean all of it. Being a vegan it’s a challenge to eat so much calories and protein.  However, this is something I needed to help me work with a trainer that’s also trying to get me in weight loss range.  He wants my body to work as a furnace burning fat, and he suggests that these nutritional guidelines can help me get there.  Let’s give it a shot.  So out of all the chaos today, I got my peace.  I finally did some marketing and I got direction for my weight loss and I didn’t have to guess any of it.

26 Feb

Day Forty-Four: New Beginnings

Great day today.  All day was a day of new beginnings.  I had to finish preparations for my first ever training at this level.  Of course I’m nervous.  It’s that fear that fuels my hunger to overcome.  I had my first ever session with a professional trainer.  I have to say I learned a lot and it was an awesome session.  I can honestly say it the joy I received from this training compares to training with my my power lifting brothers.  I also started a few relationships with my business ventures. It’s been awhile since I’ve been sought after.  Having the caliber of this potential client is a bit intimidating but exhilarating.  I’m excited about all of these new beginnings.  What’s cool is that is that I’m giving my trainer a challenge.  He’s going compromise his diet plans to meet my vegan needs.   So we are all trying something new.  God has definitely been blessing my journey.  I can see how the doors are opening.

25 Feb

Day Forty-Three: No Regrets Be Persistent

I have a lot of nerves hitting me.  I have given presentations many times but this one isn’t so different.  I don’t know what it is.  After watching the Voice that aired tonight I know why.  After giving up my dreams of working in the music industry, I have this void in my life.  I wont’ state why I gave it up, but it wasn’t a decision I made for myself.  It was for others.  All my life I have sacrificed my dreams for others and now, I’m living another dream.  I don’t have a master craft, but at the age of 36, it’s time I get one.  I have always believed to follow your dreams.  I have.  I have had many, many dreams as a kid and now I’m fulfilling one dream.  Marketing.  It’s crazy.  Not many kids grow up with visions of being a business man, but I did.  Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties was one of my favorite characters in television.  I know he wasn’t into marketing but he was into business.  The Voice helped me realize why I’m nervous.  It’s been a long time since I’ve pursued a dream.  A real long time.  Now I’m reliving one of my childhood dreams.  It’s just a small hour block, but it means a lot to me.  If you knew where I was 8 years ago, you would know why I’m stressing.  It’s because I went from working multiple part time jobs to one.  I have taken every abuse and ridicule from businesses I worked for in the past 8 years.  I have been doubted and told that I don’t have what it takes to be in an office.  I was even told to stick to mowing lawns because sales isn’t for me.  Not sure where that came from but customers can be cruel.

This is why my health is so important. Now that I have me to think of, me to fight for, I have been having a hard time medically for about a year and half.  It’s like, here’s your chance and oh by the way you will be missing it because you are unhealthy.  Nope, not this time.  I’ve missed many opportunities in my life due to my health.  I was always misunderstood when it came to my health.  It’s okay. I don’t blame others for their doubt in me.  I just need to be persistent and not live with regrets.  So shame on me for listening to them.