31 Jan

Day Eighteen: I can only give this 75%

Today I weighed in at Golds Gym for the transformation challenge.  Not sure how I felt about it.  It was a good marketing ploy to get me to sign up for a trainer.  Don’t get me wrong I think trainers are extremely valuable.  I didn’t like being sold on training.  I do see why they do it.  Even though they are for profit, the workers sincerely care about your progress.  They have great points, but again, I can’t afford the trainer.  I live in a hotel for Pete’s sake.  I make one mistake and then boom, it’s to another hotel.  I’m comfortable here and need to save as much as I can so I can get into an apartment.  So the trainer will have to wait.


I can tell the staff saw me as who I am now. That’s fine.  What they don’t know is that I did lose about 80lbs.  At one time I weighed at 380lbs.  I had a before and after picture last year and thought I’d share it.  I really didn’t know what I weighed in the picture below but I know i wasn’t 335lbs.  I just put that because when I started to finally track my progress I was 335lbs.  This is an old “after” picture.  I had a lot of medical complications after I took the picture, and now finally getting a grasp on how my training affects me.  The goal this year is to prevent injuries and get healthier.

Kevin Iriarte_Before and After

Physically 75%

Another reason I’m not getting a trainer is because I can’t give him/her 100% of my effort.  I can only give about 75% physically .  Why?  Well if you were following me from the time I started my journey, I have charcot arathpothy.  That means I’m limited to the amount of cardio I can do.  Matter of fact, my doctor want’s me to get handicapped parking.  The more walking I do during the day the more damage my feet can accrue.  My weight for my body frame should be around 165lbs.  I officially weighed in at 288lbs.  that means I’m about 123lbs overweight.  Imagine you sprained your ankle.  You had to keep weight off your foot and took about 3 months to heal.  So one week after your ankle was healed, you start your daily routine with an additional 123lbs!  Imagine how long your ankle can hold up.  That’s what’s going on.  My feet are damaged.  They need to heal.  I never fully healed. I have been overweight since my first injury in 2003.  Over the years I kept adding on weight.

Mentally 100%

I can still give this challenge 100% of my focus. I can make up for a lack of physically activity for my diet. I just have to stay on top of this vegan lifestyle I’m doing.  I’m already 18 days into the lifestyle and for the most part, I don’t see any signs of slowing.

Know Your Limits and Surpass Them

We all have limits.  That’s the beauty of strength and perseverance.  You can overcome any limitations by your desire to surpass limits. Never give up.  If every road was straight how will we ever know our accomplishments?  How will we ever know what we are capable of if everything was handed to us?  I know one thing, I have been sick all my life.  I has always been in and out of the hospital.  I easily miss weeks of school.  This carried on to my adult life.  My limitations are my sicknesses. My nuclear bomb to sickness? My willingness to give life, all I have.


30 Jan

Day Seventeen: The Turnup

What a day.  I had a follow up appointment with my foot doctor to go over my MRI I took on Saturday.  Seems as if my right foot has tiny, micro fracture on the 4th metatarsal.  I don’t have to be cast or wear a walking boot. I do have to limit my walking as much as possible for this micro fracture to heal completely which could take a few months.  The good news? The doctor approved me to participate in the Gold’s Gym Transformation Challenge.  He just told me to stay away from impact activities like walking, running, and jumping.  I can swim for cardio or even do elliptical.  I have to go back to the doctor in a month.  I can lift weights as much as I want just no lunges . I’m okay with that. So tomorrow.  on day eighteen at 3:30pm CST I weigh in and take my official photos for the challenge.  Oh no.  It’ turnup time.  hahah

29 Jan

Day Sixteen: I’m done. I’m tired. I give up.

Photo Credit: shaxyra.files.wordpress.com/

Photo Credit: shaxyra.files.wordpress.com/

I’m done. I’m done with  being tired, sick, out of breath, emotional, and sluggish. Im tired.  I’m tired of making adjustments with medication, doctor visits, the disappointments. I give up. I give up my lifestyle to make a change. To make a difference in my life. I give up my individual right to do what I want and do what I need.


Photo Credit: www.calpoly.edu/

Photo Credit: www.calpoly.edu/

Haha. I’m still plugging along this journey. Today I realized something. I realized how how much I can do in one day. The amount of focus that has overcome me has been exhilarating. Sure, I had given up meat. Will I got back to it one day? I don’t see why not. However, do I want to give up my freedom of life for a chance to satisfy a temptation? Believe me, it’s not that eating meat is horribly wrong for you. I’m no expert but I can tell you that I see many healthy people living their lives freely by eating meat. Being vegan is a lifestyle choice. One of the perks is adjusting my health, positively.

How I Saw Food

In my opinion food is no different from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, or any other addictions. I was emotionally attached to my food. If I had a bad day I would reward myself with a Large, thin crust double pepperoni pizza with onions and a Dr. Pepper. Why? I deserved it. I went through so much in that day, that I had to feel good about something. This habit is no different from reaching for a cold one and going through a six pack or more. It’s no different from looking for the next high to help you feel good. The thing with addictions is that we are all trapped by our emotions and looking for other ways to escape.

I’m Starting to See Food Differently

Food is a resource, a need, a supplement to life. It is not needed for over consumption. It’s intention is to give us life. Why would I want to abuse that? I have been for years. I have to see it as a way to fuel my body with nutrients to make me better. Let me ask this, would you drink a bottle of bleach if it tasted like root beer? I hope not. However, this self realization of the bleach bottle made me see something. I was going for things that tasted good no matter what it could do to me. So what if I can’t understand everything on the ingredient list. It doesn’t matter it tasted good. Who cares what it means as long as I got my, “fix.”

We Have  a Choice

What is your choice?  What I have been asking myself before I get tempted is this.  Do you want to live?  My answer is yes.  I’m done, I’m tired, I give up feeling like my last days are coming.  I’m ready to fight.  Bring it!

Photo Credit: triumph-fit.com

Photo Credit: triumph-fit.com

28 Jan

Day Fifteen: Starting to notice the effects

I have a very productive day today. I had to wake up at 4am to take care of some business. Got to work at 5am. I have been hustling and bustling ever since and it’s 9pm. I can really see how living a vegan lifestyle is giving me energy and a tremendous significant amount of focus. However, in lieu of the increase energy surge, my strength suffered. Monday is universal bench press day and today was the day I try to go for 425lbs bench press. Fail. I struggled with 365lbs for 5 reps. Not bad considering my new lifestyle change but again, it’s a significant difference. I’m considering other variables like the time I woke up but it’s not strong enough to weigh in as a huge factor. It’s okay if I suffer the strength loss for now. I’ll worry about that when I start to compete at under 185lbs. For now, I just need to see how to supplement more protein into my diet. None the less, I’m excited for the progress and looking forward to more days of productivity. Woot woot.