16 Dec

Laid off and fighting back.

I was laid off in 2006.  That was a hard year for me.  I lost my job, and I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes.  On top of my current medical problems at the time, I was ready to give up on life.  I had a blood sugar count of 900 and was fed up.  After getting out of the hospital I was forced to take on work early because my unemployment benefits were running out, and only after 6 months.  My medical bills were over 5k and I was not in the best condition to start working.  However I did find a job with a transportation company.  That didn’t work out because again, after a few months I was laid off. I took a variety of jobs after that, I worked in someones garage, someones living room, and even swept floors.  I took on a lobby secretary job with Solano County and started to get my life back on track.  I went back to school at University of Phoenix.  I was determined to take control of my life.  Going to school and working wasn’t hard really.  I wanted to get out of my current situation bad enough that anything I did was a piece of cake.   I had to take on a second job because the bills were pilling up so I started to work at a call center.  Then I got the news, I was getting laid off from my job with the county.  Luckily I got an interview with the United States Air Force as a graphic designer and I landed the job.  That was when my life started to turn around. It’s now 2013 and I’m working at the headquarters for marketing in the AFPC and I love my job. I also have my degrees from University of Phoenix. I have my Associates from Heald, Bachelors in Business from University of Phoenix, a Masters in Business Administration, and lastly a Masters in Information Systems.  Even though I’m looking for other work, it’s based on my current location not my job.  I miss California.   I’m fighting back.  Living in a hotel, but getting my health back in order.  I commute to work but enjoying every minute of it.  Trust me it’s been 7 years and I can finally say I have a chance to get my life back.  I have a chance to do advance.  I worked hard but sadly the journey just began.  The education and experience was not even the half of it.  The school loan debt, the living situation, my health and going further in my San Antonio skyline morning HDR - Version 2career are the next obstacles.  You can turn your life around if you choose too.  I’m not where I want to be but I know that I have two choices in give up or press on.